🌶Fiery Sweet Feast🌶

Portlebay popcorn ( http://www.portlebaypopcorn.com/flavours.php ) is a delicious twist of sweet and spicy. It certainly doesn’t disappoint! It has a spicy kick which is tasty and full of flavour, its not the ‘blow your head off’ type of spicy which I was very pleased with. The lime provides a citrusy flavour giving a slight cooling, this progresses into the sweet and flavoursome crunch.

On first seeing the packet I was attracted to its blue, white and red theme, those sailor colours that always  seem to draw me in. I picked it up thinking it would be either too hot or not hot enough, turns out they are on pint! perfectly spiced and flavoured with sweet subtleties.

I think between these and the Tyrell’s Poshcorn sweet and salty popcorn                                     ( https://www.tyrrellscrisps.co.uk/poshcorn  )I have found my favourite popcorn companies and flavours! Poshcorn provides a perfect balance between salty, mouth watering lure and sweet satisfying crunch.

Overall both of these wonderful popcorn flavours and companies are loveable with marvellous packaging and the best bit is that they have very few ingredients, nothing untoward or nasty. These are great products that I thoroughly recommend trying on your next movie night 🙂 Chevion98 x


📓The Great Escape Of Reading📓

As a child in school, I was told I had to read every night. I was not keen on being told what to do and still am not. So, after spending years of despising reading as it felt like a chore I finally came to realise I enjoyed it.

It took one long ferry journey and a Michael Morpurgo book. Reading children’s book was a light and easy introduction back into reading. It showed me the magic of stories, how you can become entangled in their adventures. I have re-discovered reading and fallen in love with it !

You can whisk yourself off to another country, another moment in time. You can learn about amazing things, historical, factual and even mythical. There are so many books out there, something for everyone.

I love reading books with some background facts and information about the time and place it is set. I am currently reading  ‘The Silk Merchants Daughter’  by Dinah  Jefferies- I have not yet finished it, however so far I am wrapped up in the novel. I am given the ability to feel the emotions of the main character through her trials and tribulations. Meanwhile I am simultaneously learning about the French Indochina rule of Vietnam.  I can not put this book down, every moment spare I am reading it, I only this morning wished my train journey was longer so that I had enough time to read! A couple years ago I would of never imagined falling in love with reading.

During times where my brain won’t leave me alone and thoughts are flowing in and out of my brain, reading a book is the only way I can calm my mind and escape another place. Books provide a place of difference, away from the trivialities of everyday life. My suggestion is look at a few books, see what takes your fancy and when you feel you need a quiet minute, pick up a book.