😊Longevity? 😊

Having watched many a programme about Japanese people living longer than many around the world. I decided to try and introduce some parts of their lives into my routine. 

Japanese people on average eat more fruit and vegetables than most in the western world. And I have made it my mission to get at least 5 fruits or vegetables a day. Aswell as doing this I also discovered that many Japanese people especially the elderly and young take part in a daily radio exercise routine. 

I follow two different videos each morning. The Japanese do this routine every morning together which gets them stretching and the blood flowing around their bodies. Exercise and healthy eating are consistently talked about in regards to living longer. 

Seeing the Japanese elderly being nimble and healthy is very inspiring. Many of the elderly even continue working after retirement age becuase they are so fit and healthy. Many of the elderly do more exercise than this quick activity. However having chronic fatigue syndrome I have to be careful about how much activity I do. Therefore I find these gentle exercises a great way to get my blood flowing and keeping my muscles flexible. I simply go onto YouTube and lean my tablet against the living room window. I really enjoy these fun and simple exercises,I hope you do too xx

Here are the two videos I use every morning :


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